Kasamba Review

Review Summary: Established in 1999, Kasamba has helped over 3 million people realize their full potential and live their highest form of success and happiness. From astrology readings to career forecasts, they have top-rated psychics in almost every specialization. Enjoy free minutes with Kasamba's unique Psychic Match guarantee, explicit satisfaction guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

  • Thoroughly vetted Psychic advisors
  • 3 minutes free chat with each new advisor
  • Strong customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide selection of Psychic readings
  • Trusted by over 3 million people worldwide
  • Daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes
  • User reviews are visible on each Psychic’s profile
  • Accepts multiple payment methods, including PayPal
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No live video readings
  • The range of services offered can be overwhelming
  • The search function can be improved
Is it trustworthy?

The fact that Kasamba has been operational for more than two decades should be enough proof of its legitimacy. If that’s not enough to convince you, we’re pretty sure their customer satisfaction guarantee will win you over. First, they have a Best Match Guarantee which gives you 3 free minutes with each new psychic advisor. These free minutes aren’t limited to your first psychic either! You can enjoy it with every psychic you try for the first time. This way you can try them out first and find your best match before spending any money. Secondly, all of their spiritual advisors are well-vetted and go through a stringent screening process. You will also see star ratings and user reviews on each psychic’s profile which should give you an idea about their skills and credibility. And if after all that, you’re not completely satisfied after your first reading, Kasamba is offering a refund of up to $50. This is certainly a breath of fresh air as many Psychic networks do not offer any guarantee, much more a refund.

What types of reading do they offer?

Whether you’re at a career crossroads or is trying to survive a rough patch in a relationship, Kasamba will have the right advisor available 24/7. Use the search function to narrow down your search and find the best psychic practitioner in the following categories:

  • Career Forecasts - Is it time to make a major change in your career? Are you confused about what you want from your life and your job? Are you thinking about whether to accept or turn down a promotion? These are all very high stake questions and if you are in need of an outsider’s perspective and much-needed insights, you can talk to an online career psychic at Kasamba.

  • Love and Relationship Readings - Get your most burning questions about love and relationships answered today! Kasamba has more than 200 love and relationship advisors who specialize in different topics. This includes breaking up and divorce, cheating and affairs, parents and children, single and dating, gay and lesbian-friendly, soulmate connections, and marital life.

  • Fortune Telling - See what’s lying in wait around the corner with Kasamba’s fortune-telling advisors. These psychic readers are aided by various divination tools like pendulums and crystals to uncover what the future has in store for you!

  • Astrology Readings - Kasamba offers two types of astrology readings. The Vedic or Hindu Astrology is rooted in the belief that the stars and planets can influence each person’s karma while Chinese Astrology is based on the lunar calendar. Either of these readings can reveal surprising insights into your personality, desires, and motivations.

  • Tarot Readings - There are two types of tarot card readings being offered on Kasamba, Cartomancy and Angel Card Reading. Both use a deck of cards as a means of divination but while the former paints a picture of your past, present, and future, the latter provides guidance based on messages delivered by your guardian angel, spirit guides, and departed loved ones. No matter which type of reading you choose, this can be helpful in guiding you through tough decisions and will provide clarity on love, money, health, and more.

  • Dream Analysis - This type of reading can give insights into our deepest desires, anxieties, fears, and traumas as revealed by our subconscious through our dreams. A psychic trained in dream analysis can help us make sense of our dreams and provide a deeper understanding of ourselves.

    Of course, that’s not everything, Kasamba also offers the following types of reading:

    • Pets and animals
    • Paranormal
    • Universal Laws
    • Picture readings
    • Kabbalah
    • Aura Readings
    • Rune Casting
    • Occult
    • Graphology
    • Past Life Readings
    • Financial Outlook
    • New Age Spirituality
    • Eastern Philosophy, etc.

    How Does It Work?

    Kasamba is available on desktop, mobile web, or app on both Android and IOS devices. You can click on the categories and sub-categories or use the search field to find top-rated psychic advisors in each field. The psychic’s profiles contain information about their services, experience and qualifications, specialization, languages offered, ratings, reviews, and their fees for chat, phone, and email readings. Take note that there's no video reading, so if that's what you're after, check our review on Purple Garden here.


    Psychics set their own rate so prices can vary greatly, from the low end of $0.50 to the higher-end of $30 per minute. On the other hand, email readings typically range between $15 fo $100. To make it easier for clients to find a psychic that fits their budget. Kasamba has added several filters: lowest price, highest price, less than $4/minute, and less than $7 per minute.

    Our Verdict:

    Owing to their 20-year experience, Kasamba really does a lot of things right. Both the desktop site and mobile apps have a clean interface and simple navigation. We also like that the psychic’s profiles are really detailed and that we have an opportunity to assess each psychic for free. Plus, they are probably the only psychic reading website with a dedicated customer satisfaction guarantee. Overall, we find Kasamba one of the safest and most reliable psychic reading platforms on the web.