Mysticsense Review

Review Summary: For those looking for direction, insights about life or simply advice on interpersonal relationships, emotions, and responsible decision making, Mysticsense is the one to choose. They are flexible about the type of psychics they offer, yet provide the best advisors anywhere in the world.

  • Quick and easy sign up
  • First session includes 5 free minutes
  • Hundreds of psychics available
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Refund if users are not completely satisfied
  • Psychics undergo stringent interviews and testing
  • Easy to use interface
  • Choice of phone call, web chat or SMS, and video call
  • Access daily horoscopes
  • No 24x7x365 telephone support
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app
  • $15 deposit required before free trial
Is it trustworthy?

Each psychic has undergone a thorough interview process. Each has been interviewed and assessed by the platform’s top psychics. The interview also explores the psychic’s ethical stance, and a reading by the psychic is performed to demonstrate their ability.

The platform states that all customer data is confidential and kept safe in secure servers.
Mysticsense only deducts money from the account you've created, and only for the minutes used. They also offer a money-back guarantee which is clearly outlined and easily available on their site. If you're not satisfied with the reading, a refund can be requested within 48 hours. The customer support team will investigate the matter and reimburse with Mysticsense minutes. As such, this means you won’t receive any money back, but rather, additional minutes that can be used when you book another consultation with a different psychic.

Mysticsense has a large number of excellent reviews from users, an indication of the site’s popularity and ease of use. Another interesting and appreciated section is their FAQs and help center – these provide answers to all types of issues. Included among these are descriptions of how readings and payments work, along with a community blog that focuses on interesting and relevant articles about psychic readings and similar topics.

What types of reading do they offer?

Mysticsense offers a large and varied selection of different types of readings, including astrology and tarot reading, spiritual readings and love readings. The reading options include a choice of categories, expertise, reading styles and subjects, along with different types of mystics such as fortune tellers, pet mediums, and love psychics. There are many ways to filter to get the exact type of reading you want.

To help you find the right reading, you can filter by both specialty and tool.

  • Filter mystic styles from sensitive, expressive, compassionate, wise, and direct.
  • Filter topics based on your preferences, including dream interpretation, sexuality, love and relationship, work and life balance.
  • Filter type of tool used in the reading such as crystals, dowsing, angel cards and tarot.

    The platform offers a comprehensive reading on almost any topic and medium. Moreover, the site has a welcoming and friendly tone and this is offset by the chat window that appears as soon as a user is logged on.

    How Does It Work?

    Mysticsense guarantees an excellent experience with talented mystics. You can have a psychic reading with the advisor of your choice via phone call, SMS, web chat or video call. Sessions can be as long or as short as you prefer.

    The registration process is straightforward as you only need to provide standard registration information such as your name, email, and password. You'll also be required to provide your phone number, country, and time zone. The reason for this is so that available, preferred psychics can be offered in your specific time zone. Mystics in your time zone will be offered first. However, you're not obliged to choose from these profiles and can scroll on to find the one best suited to your requirements.

    Each psychic advisor has a profile that indicates their main specialty as well as subspecialties. The profile specifies their reading style and a brief background. An added extra to the psychic advisor profiles are their past customers’ reviews that detail their accuracy and quality of service.

    Once you've signed up, filled in the necessary details in the registration form, deposited the first $15 required, you can browse through the available mystic advisor profiles displayed on the page. You can then select your preferred psychic and the reading can begin.


    The pricing structure of Mysticsense is straightforward, with no pricing tiers. Pricing ranges from $0.99 per minute to $10.00 per minute. In general, most psychics on this platform offer rates between $1 and $3 per minute. The more experienced mystics and those with an above average customer rating do charge more than those who don’t. Mysticsense offers a free first five minutes when a user signs up and deposits the minimum required $15 into their account.

    Our Verdict:

    Mysticsense is well-designed and offers an agreeable user experience. It is easy to register, and the process can be completed in 4 easy steps. In addition, the platform offers users a choice of mystic advisors available in their particular local time. With many talented and experienced psychics, along with a plethora of categories, they are devoted to transparency and honesty. The very many number and types of advisors cover a wide range of specialties, including love life, family, and career. In addition, they all have specific gifts and use different tools. This means that the service can cater to a huge range of user needs. Mysticsense truly helps their clients find a path to success.